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“The advantages of having a Promissory Notes”

In a market as particular and fluctuating as the Argentine, the prevention of default situations in international business operations, is becoming more and more transcendental.

The documentation of this type of operations in the appropriate form, is today, a need that is imposed far above the characteristic documents such as traditional commercial invoices and merchandise shipping documents.

The Argentine reality asks those foreign companies that sold merchandise to local importers, to take a step beyond the standardized one, demanding greater guarantees of effective compliance to avoid facing in the short term with "uncollectible default debtors".

The ECAS and foreign companies in general must be protected with more efficient instruments, such as executive titles, to avoid being exposed to an unwanted default and for that they must have the right professionals who can read their needs and know about the vicissitudes of the local market. Our experience tells us that the absence of prevention leads to dangerous "legal naïveté".

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